Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Knitting finishes in November 2014

The pattern for these socks came from

. . . and another mystery dishcloth is done.

Driver's Ed


Today's Writing Prompt: Driver's Ed

Write about how you learned to drive.

This week's writing prompts courtesy of The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood

Can I be charged for an offence committed 25 years ago?  I need to know that before I answer this question on a public forum . . . LOL . . . 

I learned how to drive out of desperation.  I have never been mechanically inclined and was never really interested in driving.  But by the time baby #3 came along I had no choice.  Baby #2 didn't like to sleep and late night car rides were often the only solution.  Hubby worked midnights so I got to practice driving . . . a lot.

My dear hubby taught me how to drive.  He will tell you that he was an excellent teacher.  I did learn how to drive so I guess one of us knew what we were doing.

The first time I took the driver road test I had a near perfect score .  . . until she said it was time to head back to the office . . . and I turned left on a yellow light.  I wasn't in the intersection at the time which made it illegal and an automatic fail.  I was not happy.

A couple of weeks later I was back again only this time I got the examiner from hell.  He constantly criticized everything I was doing.  He told me I didn't have my signals on when it was very evident that they were on.  He nearly ran me ragged.  When we got back to the office he informed me that he would be in his rights to fail me but he could see by all the car seats in the back that I needed to have a license.  He was going to do me a favour and pass me.

I am still not a great driver.  By that I mean that I am not a natural.  I get from point A to point B.  



Today's Writing Prompt: Cut-throat

Have you ever played a simple board game and it turned everyone into cut-throat die-hards?

This week's writing prompts courtesy of The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood

A few weeks ago we were at my older son's home for a family evening.  My younger son and my three grandsons decided to play Risk, a favourite game which I haven't played in years and years.  The boys were scheming and making deals with each other.  I said, "This isn't a game . . . THIS IS WAR!!!!!"  LOL!  I didn't win.

Monday, May 4, 2015

October 2014 Knitting Finishes

Two mystery knit-along dishcloths finished 


the final square for the Oddball Sampler Afghan

Paper Piecing: Zebra

These paper piecings are 3" x 6.5" and made from acid-free products.
To order, contact scrap.master.pam@rogers.com


TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2014

Tanka Tuesday: Stairs

It's time for the next installment of Tanka Tuesday!

Tanka is a form of poetry similar to haiku. It's short, and the lines don't need to rhyme. The just must have a set number of syllables: 5/7/5/7/7.

For more about tanka, see the original post here.

Today's tanka prompt is: stairs.

I love the look of
stairs wood tile cement whatever
Leading to someplace
new different familiar old
and beautiful to look at

Crochet Finishes for September 2014

I finally finished all the Mystery Crochet-along strips and turned them into two afghans.

Knitting finishes for September 2014

Oddball Sampler Afghan Square -- Bobble Mania

Mystery Knit-Along Dishcloth

Oddball Sampler Afghan Square -- Rich Garter Stitch

. . . and one more Mystery Knit-along dishcloth.

Worst Visitor

For a week over at The One Minute Writer blog they have had a guest doing to writing prompts.  They are very interesting but rather too personal to post on an open blog.  Here's today's prompt in case you want to write about it.  I chose not to . . . mostly to save the feelings of people related to the Worst Visitors I've ever had.  

MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2014

Today's Writing Prompt: Worst Visitor

Write about the worst visitor who ever darkened your door.

Let's just say that one was evil, one was a user and one was just damned annoying.