Thursday, October 30, 2014

Basketball and Betrayal


Today's Writing Prompt: Enemies

Have you ever had someone dislike you or try to harm you for no reason?

Yes, I actually have had that happen to me but because innocent people could be hurt if I posted the actual event I have to be very vague. Someone tried to take something from me that was very important to me. That person did not succeed.

I didn't post to my blog on January 15th and I didn't take any photos. I wonder what was going on? Aha . . . I was at a craft sale for the day. That explains things.

January 15, 1892 - James Naismith, from Almonte, Ontario, First publishes his 'Rules of Basketball' in the YMCA's Triangle magazine. Springfield, Massachusetts

Basketball is a very big deal in our family. Yes that is a basketball themed Christmas tree.

January 15

1892: Dr. James Naismith publishes The 13 rules of basketball.

Martin Luther King, Jr., clergyman and civil rights leader born (1929)

Gene Krupa, drummer (1909)

Lloyd Bridges, actor (1913)

1944: Canadian troops received copies of the Maple Leaf, the first regular newspaper published by the Canadian army during the war.

Elementary School Teacher’s Day
One good teacher outweighs a ton of books. – Chinese proverb
Create a personalized, handmade card to brighten the day of the teacher in your child’s life. Your child will love to help make this card extra special. Consider including a personal note telling the teacher how grateful you are for all of his/her efforts.
Donate a book to the school library in honour of your child’s teacher. Using your scrapbook supplies, create a personalized nameplate for the book.

It is Teachers’ Day, Dia Del Maestro, in Venezuela

Adults Day, or Seijin-no-hi, observed in Japan as a special day in tribute to young men and women who have reached adulthood; observed by families and organizations.

Paper Piecing: Cat with Bow

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Paper Piecing: Candy Canes

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Paper Piecing: Candy Box

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Dressing your pet and going on vacation . . .


Today's Writing Prompt: Vacation

Who's ready for a winter vacation? (Or summer vacation, if you live in the Southern hemisphere?) If you could pack up and go today, where would you be off to?

If I could pack up and go anywhere . . . I would pack my (imaginary) motor home and drive to the west coast and then turn around and drive all the way to the east coast and then home again. I would write about my adventures along the way and millions of people would read my blog to hear about my adventures . . .

I wrote this blog post on January 14th:

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Benedict Arnold, military leader (1741)

Albert Schweitzer (1975-1965), author, organist, theologian, and medical missionary; recipient of the 1952 Nobel Peace Prize for his work for the brotherhood of nations.

Faye Dunaway, actor (1941)

Hal Roach, film producer (1892)

1321: Italian poet Dante Alighieri, author of The Divine Comedy, dies in exile in Ravenna, Italy.

1972: Redd Fox stars in the premiere of Sanford and Son on NBC.

1559: Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England.

Clean Off Your Desk Day
This holiday falls early in the New Year in hopes that a clean desk will promote more organization and less wasted time looking for things papers. Once your scrappin’ space is cleared, make a list of products that you could purchase to keep yourself organized. Consider decorating your various boxes, photo holders, and file covers with some of your scrapbook stickers, papers and embellishments. Decorating your desktop may encourage you to keep the surface clean so that you can admire your new products.

I just found another very interesting site listing things that happened on a given date in Canada such as:

January 14, 1932 - Women property owners given the right to vote in Montréal civic elections. Montréal, Québec

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Paper Piecing: Canada Moose

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Paper Piecing: Canada Heart

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Paper Piecing: Camera

This piecing is 3" x 3" and made using acid-free products.
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What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?


Today's Writing Prompt: Food Oddities

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

I have many answers for this question.  Some of the answers depend on who you are telling because some people wouldn't think these things are odd at all.

I love barbecue eel don, white tuna sushi, peanut butter and bologna sandwiches, hummus, ground cherries, tofu . . . 

Do you find any of these weird?  What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

I sometimes wonder if my son and daughter-in-law are a little crazy.  They coach three basketball teams in their spare time.

I posted a movie review about Moonrise Kingdom


Dark Shadows

January 13
 Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Poetry Break Day

Rubber Duckie's Birthday

Blame Somebody Else Day

Charles Perrault, French lawyer and author (1628), famous for Les Contes de Perrault, through which he gave immortality to the folk tales Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and others.

Horatio Alger, writer (1832)

Sophie Tucker, entertainer (1906)

1854: Anthony Faas of Pennsylvania patents the accordion.

1930: The comic strip "Mickey Mouse" debuts in American newspapers.

1982:  Ann Cools was named to the Senate and became the first black person to sit in Canada’s upper house.

Friday, October 24, 2014

I'm gonna vlog . . .

I am taking a public speaking course on and the first assignment is to record an introduction in between 45 seconds and 4 minutes long.  Mine went a few seconds overtime . . . of course . . .